Establish your

online presence

Site, mini site, blog, mobile app,  enterprise page, social network :

We build, manage and maintain your online presence.

Set your objectives

  • Establish your brand
  • Generate opportunities
  • Communicateto your customers and partners…

our company identity

We showcase your business in a professional manner.

Engaging your visitors

We build a user experience aimed to engage your visitors.

Agile project experience

We propose an agile and simple project experience to establish an impactful digital experience in the best delay.

Best practices in digital marketing

  • Communicate effectively your value propositions
  • Address your market targets
  • Engager your visitors to take action
  • Use modern and scalable technologies
  • Apply best search engine optimization technics

Digital Marketing Workshop

We have built and we deliver an agile, collaborative methodology based on “design thinking” in order to clarify and formalize together your positionning, objectives and value proposition.

This method is based on Alex Osterwalder’s books- Business model generation ©

We analyse your business model

We apply the Business Model Canvas approach in order to represent in a simple manner your business model through 9 blocs. This method allows getting an inventory of everything we need to include in your digital presence.

What are your value propositions ?

How do you reach your customers ?

What is your go to market ?

What type of relationship do you have with your customers ?

What are your key resources ?

What are your key activities ?

Who are your partners ?

We use the Empathy Map methodology developped by Xplane. This method allows driving very effective workshops in order to work on your personas. We make sure your site will address all your specific targets. We also use this metho to identify the right content  for your audience and build an editorial calendar.

What di they see ?

What do they hear ?

What do they say ?

What do they think ?

What are their challenges ?

What are their objectifs ?

We analyse your different marketing targets

We build your value proposition

We apply the Value Proposition Design developped by Alexander Osterwalder.

For every single target we determine its mission, challenges and expected gains

For each product we detemine the way it allows customers’ targets to achieve their mission, solve their difficulties and bring benefits

You want to establish

your digital presence ?